Hadrothemis scabrifrons Ris, 1910
Ruddy Jungleskimmer

Type locality: Tanzania, no locality data available.


Male is similar to H. coacta by (a) frons shiny brown, not metallic; (b) labium all pale; (c) labrum all pale, sometimes dark brown or black; (d) dorsum of vertex with 2 nipple-like tubercles, although these are easily obscured in crushed specimens; (f) thorax and Abd orange-brown to red; (g) numerous cell-doublings in medial planate of Fw and often Hw; (h) Pt well over 4 mm long; (i) S2 about 5 mm broad. However, differs by (1) ranging from E Kenya to Katanga and Mozambique; (2) wings with broad red-brown tips with maturity, Hw base clear; (3) body entirely orange-brown to red, never pruinose. [Adapted from Dijkstra & Clausnitzer 2014]

Habitat description

Small pockets of often temporary water in tree holes (and similar small containers) shaded by forest, possibly sometimes in more open areas. Usually with coarse detritus and probably often a hard bottom. Inferred to occur from 0 to 1400 m above sea level, but possibly up to 1300.


confirmed: Democratic Republic of the Congo; Kenya; Malawi; Mozambique; Tanzania; Zambia; Zimbabwe

Male © Hans-Joachim Clausnitzer

Abdominal segment 2 (lateral view)

Map citation: Clausnitzer, V., K.-D.B. Dijkstra, R. Koch, J.-P. Boudot, W.R.T. Darwall, J. Kipping, B. Samraoui, M.J. Samways, J.P. Simaika & F. Suhling, 2012. Focus on African Freshwaters: hotspots of dragonfly diversity and conservation concern. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 10: 129-134.


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Citation: Dijkstra, K.-D.B (editor). African Dragonflies and Damselflies Online. http://addo.adu.org.za/ [2024-04-25].